How Do You Know If A Wallet is Good Quality? [6 Key Features]

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How do you know if a wallet is good quality? We’ll give you six pointers to make sure you are getting something that will serve you well.

First, let’s determine what features you need from a wallet for it to be considered good.

How Do You Know If a Wallet is Good Quality?

When purchasing a high-quality wallet, let’s consider the most essential features and factors.

The Material

One of the easiest ways to tell whether or not a wallet is of good quality is by looking at what it is made of. The highest-quality wallets are usually made of full-grain leather.

Article: How Do You Know If a Wallet is Good Quality?

Full-grain leather is the best type of leather, whether for a wallet, a coat, or anything else. It is extremely tough, resistant to wear and tear, and develops its color over time.

Wallets made out of genuine leather also tend to be stain resistant and waterproof. Keep in mind that full-grain leather wallets will have small dots along the surface, which is where the hair of the animal used to be attached.

You might see minor imperfections on the full-grain leather, which signifies that it is genuine. There are lower-quality types of leather, and these are fine, especially compared to other materials.

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Moreover, many other materials, such as mesh, nylon, polyester, and cotton, can be used.

You might like the appearance of any of these other materials more than leather, but when it comes down to it, nothing is tougher and more resistant to damage than leather. You won’t find a wallet that lasts longer than a full-grain leather wallet.

The Craftsmanship

Look at the finer details and the craftsmanship. There are a few different things to look for here.

First, you pay attention to where the wallet was made, which can make a difference in detail and craftsmanship. Some places in the world are known for producing high-quality products.

Generally, something made in Europe or North America is preferred if you want a high-quality wallet. There are always exceptions, but cheaper products made in third-world countries in large factories may not be up to the standard you expect.

Then, look at the wallet itself and all the components. For example, the wallet should fold perfectly in half, with the top and the bottom half aligned when folded.

In addition, ensure all the internal pockets are the same size and that they are of the right size or things like payment cards. Also, look at the corner bends to see if they are straight and even.

Moreover, the stitching or sewing is also essential because if the stitching is crooked, you can assume that the wallet is not of the highest quality.

The Size

When purchasing a wallet, look at the size. A large wallet doesn’t necessarily mean that it has a great deal of capacity.

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Some wallets are poorly designed; they may have thick layers of leather, poorly designed pockets, or unnecessary pockets that take up space without adding any capacity or functionality.

However, the size of the wallet is not an indication of quality because you might have a large wallet that is well-designed. Note the capacity on the inside.

In addition, you also want something that can easily fit into your pocket.

How Do You Know If A Wallet is a Good Quality

The Capacity and Design

Next, look at the design and overall capacity of the wallet. Of course, the build quality is essential, but it’s not the only thing to look for. Obviously, you need a functional wallet that will serve your needs.

For example, some wallets are extremely thin and low-profile (we are big fans of slim wallets).

While this makes them comfortable in your pocket because they don’t get in your way, it also means they don’t have much space inside. You need a wallet with enough room for all your cards, cash, and whatever else you want to put in there.

First, there’s the standard bifold wallet, which usually carries up to 8 cards and cash. Trifold wallets have more carrying space but can be bulky and large. A good wallet is large enough to fit your cards and money; it is comfortable to carry without being too large.

RFID Protection

You can also tell how good a wallet is by whether or not it has RFID protection which is becoming a key feature for many people.

RFID debit and credit cards allow you to tap a payment terminal to pay for goods without entering your pin number and inserting or swiping the card.

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RFID blocking wallets use materials in the walls to ensure electromagnetic signals cannot pass through, preventing criminals from stealing your information and money.


The claims made by most RFID blocking wallet manufacturers should be taken with a pinch of salt. However the risk of this appears more theoretical than widespread so we wouldn’t worry too much.

The reason we’re saying look for this anyway? High-end, quality wallets are starting to include this as a matter of course – so its a good signal that you are looking at a higher-end item.

The Cost

The final consideration is the cost of the wallet. If you are willing to invest more in a wallet, chances are you will get something of better quality.

A high-quality full-grain leather wallet with excellent craftsmanship, space, and RFID protection can cost over $100.

On the other hand, a low-quality wallet made of polyester that doesn’t have much space or any kind of protection may cost as little as $10. Unfortunately, price is often a pretty big indication of quality.

Final Thoughts

If you pay attention to the six factors and features discussed above, you should have no problems finding a high-quality wallet! Now you just need to decide between all the different kinds of wallet!

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