The Best Metal Wallets…Anywhere.

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What the heck is a metal wallet?!  That is the first thought that comes into peoples’ mind when they hear the term.  Quite simply, metal wallets are revolutionary.  They’re virtually indestructible, wear surprisingly well, have functionality that most regular wallets don’t have, and well…they just look cool.  Whether they’re made from Titanium, Aluminum or Steel…these metallic wallets will help you carry better and stand out from the crowd.

One of the big things we like about metal wallets are the “slim profile”.  That’s one of the biggest reasons that people come see us, because they’re fat Costanza wallets have gotten out of control.  They’re thinking there’s got to be a way to minimalize and compact it.  If that’s something you’ve thought about (and you like to be a bit different), then this article is for you!

Without further ado…below are the best metal wallets online.

Metal Wallets – A Game Changer

ACM Wallet Credit Card Holder — Front Pocket Organizer

At 0.75 inches high and 2.5 inches wide this aluminum wallet will have minimalists jumping for joy. The Auto Card Manager (AMC) is a mechanical money clip and card holder, that protects, selects and organizes your cards and cash. The wallet comes in a brushed chrome and industrial rubberized coating that is non-slip and smooth to touch. The AMC Holder comes with a lifetime warranty to cover the device.  It will prevent scratching of cards by keeping all items separate, and, has provided logos and colors to match the cards in each section. Cash is stored under the money clip with room for 20 folded notes and extra room for receipts and business cards.

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Trayvax Element Wallet

Available in a variety of different red, brown and black colors, the Trayvax Element Wallet comprises a stainless steel rugged frame enveloped in oil- tanned, top grain leather. This compact wallet can fit 3 to 10 cards in it and 1 to 5 bills.  The high-quality product also comes with a lifetime warranty fixed to it. As well as the wallet functions it is also packed full of extra features including bottle opener, money clip, attachment point and RFID Protection. A perfect wallet for the guy on the go, who requires a wallet slimline enough to fit comfortably in any pocket, tough enough to sustain any outdoor pursuit or activity, and yet stylish enough for everyday use. The Trayvax has it all.

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Decadent Minimalist Men’s DM1 aluminum Wallet

Available in three sizes and a variety of different colors the DM1 (Aluminum) is the perfect fit for true minimalist fans. It is made from a single piece of aluminum and is cut into the ideal shape to hold cards. The size that you will choose will depend on the capacity of cards; there are 4, 8 and 12 card size options. There are no fancy frills or unnecessary parts, just a stunning design that securely carries and protects your cards. It doesn’t contain RFID blocking, and so, it is possible to use contactless machines without even removing your card. Weighing in at 12 grams, the 4 card wallet is thinner than an iPhone 6, and is just a little larger than a credit card, making the DM1 possibly the lightest, smallest wallet you can buy. Perfect for minimalists and gadget lovers alike.

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Stewart/Stand Stainless Steel Billfold Wallet

Designed to resemble and work as a shield whilst being flexible, soft to touch and completely unique. Made of woven stainless steel, yet as flexible as a leather wallet.  This wallet reduces bulk and is only as thick as your cards and money, it is made to be light, thin and durable. Fitted with 3 credit card pockets plus a stash pocket that can fit cards, 1 ID window and a bill compartment. The credit card pockets can hold 3 to 8 cards. It comes with a 12 month and theft warranty. The Stewart/Stand wallet is powerful than leather wallets and has no sharp edges as well as corners, it will also be free of stains or scratches. This wallet is perfect for gadget getters and men that like that unique gift.

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The Ridge Wallet: aluminum-Navy

With navy Anodized front and black plates, stainless steel screws, expandable elastic strap and RFID Blocking aluminum plates this navy metal wallet is a must-have for the trendy man. You are able to choose between elastic cash strap or metal money clip, on the outside of the wallet. The Ridge has the ability to hold up to 12 cards without stretching any of the components. With replaceable elastic and a lifetime warranty, the Ridge Wallet is a fundamental add-on to any outdoor kit. Whether you are an adventurer, extreme sports addict, a biker or a hiker this is the wallet you need.

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Machine Era Co. Ti5 Wallet

The Ti5 Wallet is the lightest, slimmest and strongest metal wallet you will find, weighing in at 0.6oz. Made from corrosion proof Aerospace grade Titanium it is durable, life lasting and as light as a feather. Minimalists will go crazy over this piece of kit as not only does it fit in your pocket, slimline with no bulk, but it is also all singing and all dancing in its function too. As well as being able to hold up to 7 cards, the Ti5 also has a built-in thumb slot designed to give quick and easy access to cards, however, this also functions as a bottle opener too. The Ti5 has been built so the side contours protect the cards with built-in RFID to ensure your security is always in place. This is not just a metal card carrier it is so much more than that and outdoor enthusiasts, gadget getters and home bods alike will love this wallet.

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ElephantWallet N3D Metal Wallet

The N3D is a unisex metal wallet comprised of anodized aluminum, rubber, metal and elastic. It comes in a choice of black or brushed aluminum, with a scratch resistant coating. The consumer can choose a wide variety of colors for the fabric strap on the N3D. It can hold up to 9 cards and has an RFID blocker in place and to ensure the protection and security of yourself and the cards. The wallet has no fancy frills, it is just a simple clean design, however, it is strikingly eye-catching and is an absolute must for anyone who likes elegance, style and grace.

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CaltiWallets Tactical Titanium Minimalist Slim Wallet

Entirely handmade, this grade 5 Titanium Wallet is hard wearing and durable. The Calti Tactical Titanium Wallet comes with the choice of 2 finishes — stonewashed or anodized, it is perfect for practical people as well as the fanciful. The wallets are stunning to the eye, finished with glass balls sanding, giving the metal plates a matte look finish, whilst being smooth to the touch. It keeps all cash and cards secure and safe at all times. The titanium used is as strong as steel, is magnetic so won’t be picked up by metal detectors and will never rust.

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BarclayCo Minimalist The Spine Wallet

The Spine Wallet is a grade 5 Titanium, handmade wallet, encompassed by a strong sturdy elastic band. At 0.4 inches thick and weighing at only 0.7 oz, it is one of the smallest metal wallets on the market. Available in a variety of colors and able to hold up to 6 cards, this would be an attractive part of any minimalists accessories. As well as the wallet, The Spine also comes with an integrated bottle opener, making this item even more functional. The titanium used not only makes the wallet super durable and sturdy but it also weighs 40% less than steel making it very lightweight in a pocket or handbag. It is also non-magnetic, anti-allergenic, RFID blocking and anti-theft resistant and will not corrode or rust in water or over time.

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Armour Supply Co Armour RFID Wallets for Men

The Armour Wallet is a small, but, built to last wallet made out of a combination of RFID blocking premium Aviation aluminum plates, stainless steel and the Carbon fibre version has a Carbon fibre weave. It comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage and defects such as corrosion and rust. At just the size of a credit card, the Armour Wallet can comfortably hold up to 12 cards, or if there is extra space, then keys and coins can be stored there. An attached money clip can also hold up to 5b bills and business cards. As well as the wallet Armour has equipped it with a money clip, a multitool, key holder, bottle opener, elastic cash strap, Mini screwdriver and replacement screws, along with stickers and instructions. This is an elegant, intelligent product that will protect your cards from thieves, whilst keeping everything you need, close to hand.

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Ogon Stockholm Wallet Titanium

The first designer wallet to use aluminum, the Stockholm wallet is compact, light with its contents accessible with a mere glance. Perfect for both men and women this wallet will fit securely in a handbag or a pocket. Modern and distinctive made from anodized aluminum and poly-carbonate. The Stockholm can hold up to 10 cards and banknotes and is RFID safe to prevent your cards from fraud.

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Decadent Minimalist DMC Titanium Money Clip Brushed

The DMC Money Clip is the perfect accompaniment for the DM1 Minimalist Wallet. It comprises of a single piece of brushed Grade 5 Titanium, laser cut into the ideal shape to fit perfectly into place on the DM1 Wallet, and comfortably hold all cash, business cards or paper receipts with a maximum capacity of 20 folded bills. It can be used separately or with the wallet, and when used with the wallet will only add less than .25 inches to the width of the wallet, and will only use the space on one credit card when attached. There are no unnecessary screws, hinges, magnets, snaps, straps or rubber bands, just the simplistic stunning design. Even without the DM1 Wallet, this simple money clip will appeal to minimalists or anyone who is going somewhere without wanting to take a full wallet or their cards with them.

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Dango Dapper 2 EDC Wallet

Made with 6061-grade Aerospace aluminum, the Dango Dapper 2 is Nickel-Plated, Hand polished and Hand assembled. With a genuine top-grain leather finish that is secured to the Dango Dapper chassis with mil-spec bolts. It is compatible with the MT02 Multitool which is sold separately and would make a great enhancement to an already fantastic product.  This wallet was designed for the sophisticated individual who also has an edge, so whether you are battling it out in the boardroom, on date night, dancing in a club, or cruising in the Mediterranean, this wallet will be by your side and not look out of place. Wherever you are or whatever your circumstance you will always be able to relax knowing that the RFID blocking will enable your cards to be protected.

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Sharkk NEW Card Wallet with ID Card Window

Stylish, sleek, and rugged makes this wallet by Sharkk the best option for anyone who has an active lifestyle but is always security-aware and conscious. The clasp was reinforced by three of the strongest plastics being fused together making it durable and sturdy. At the same time, it is lightweight and stain and impact-resistant, making it perfect for those with an active lifestyle, who still want style and efficiency.

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Grid Wallet – Brushed Aluminum

This silver aluminum wallet is compact, slim, and lightweight. It enables the storage of credit cards in a functional and organized manner, with an added-money clip to store cash.  The wallet is made up of 2 aluminum plates and is only 6 mm in width. The aluminum plates allow RFID blocking which means your cards and your information will always be safe and secure. The Grid Wallet can hold up to 12 cards and has a lifetime guarantee for any problems that may arise. This wallet is stylish and sophisticated and is perfect whether you are on vacation, in a crowded place, shopping, or using public transport you can relax knowing you are protected.

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Are metal wallets more durable than leather wallets?

Metal wallets are reliable, robust, and don’t need maintenance. They are also waterproof, making them superior to leather wallets in many ways.

Are metal wallets uncomfortable?

Due to their rigid design and the way they hold temperature, they can be. They can feel like an ice cube on a cold day, so you’ll need to store them in your jacket pocket. They might burn your skin on a hot day, especially if they are directly exposed to sunlight

Do Metal RFID wallets ruin credit cards?

No, they won’t damage your credit cards because RFID chips are passive until they detect energy from a scanner.