Fantom Wallet Alternatives

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The Fantom Wallet is awesome, but it’s not for everyone.  With the “World Wide Web” being as big as it is, believe me…you have options.  Fantom is the cool little Kickstarter project that has picked up quite the following.  So much so, that often times the wallet is nowhere to be found because it’s sold out!  We scoured the globe for other options or alternatives to the Fantom and have put them together for you here.  This list will continue to grow, so check back often…


Flipside Wallet

Flipside Wallet

The Flipside Wallet is slightly different to others on the market mainly focusing on durability by dropping the in trend leather casing. It’s actually made from both strength polycarbonate and aircraft-grade aluminium which is the strongest and most widely used types of metal in the world. It adds to the protection by automatically locking when closed. It can be re-opened by pressing the button at the bottom of the wallet and its spacious interior can hold up to 8 cards and 10 cash notes if they’re all streamlined and flat. Overall if you want protection and durability as well as an RFID blocker you can’t go wrong for $45.

GRID Wallet

Grid Wallet Silver

The GRID wallet is one of the most accommodating wallets out on the market with space for 12 cards and has a built-in RFID blocker to keep your cards secure. On top of the space for the cards there is also a money clip included to keep your cash safe within the wallet. The casing of the wallet is made out of aluminium which not only contributes to the RFID blocking but means that the material doesn’t stretch meaning it’s durable and for $65.00 you can’t go wrong.

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Fidelo Slim Wallet

Fidelo Prestige Wallet

This wallet has a more minimalistic and stylish feel to it. It comes with enough space for up to 15 cards as well as two mini clips to keep your cash safe. Like the GRID wallet, the outside of the Fidelo Slim Wallet is made of an aluminum casing meaning it’s durable, rigid and secure as well as being the protective layer RFID blocker. The creators state that the minimalistic design makes the wallet super user friendly and convenient to carry around with you. It also comes at the very cheap price of $25.90 meaning it is excellent value for money.

Distil Union Wally Micro

minimalist wallet

This wallet also has gone for the minimalistic feel made up for a leather outside casing with a card slider in the centre which slides all cards kept inside the wallet to the top. It can accommodate storage for up to 10 cards inside and the leather casing on the outside is reversible meaning you have a choice of two colors to choose from for the price of one wallet. The only downside to this is as opposed to having RFID protection it is actually NFC compatible meaning you’re not fully secure when it comes to theft.

Secrid Card Protector

Secrid Card ProtectorThe Secrid Card Protector is one of six from the Secrid Collection. It has a weight of 1.7 oz and has a slim feel to it. There are over 2 dozen (that’s right”¦DOZEN) different colors to choose from, meaning you’re spoilt for choice. It has an aluminum casing around the cards inside the wallet meaning you’re RFID protected when it’s in your pocket walking around. It’s very practical and rigid with the only downside being that it only caters for 4-6 cards. There is also the option of buying the optional money band which goes around the wallet that keeps your cash safe.   Super high-quality products!