A Thorough Fidelo Wallet Review [PRESTIGE & HYBRID]

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When an item embodies the meaning of function and style perfectly, then in the end it is a work of art destined for meaningful purpose. The North American company Fidelo is, in my opinion, a pioneer of unique, innovative wallets.  These little wallets manifest the fashion of which wallets with a minimalist approach for everyday use in which they are intended. After reviewing both the Fidelio “Hybrid” and “Prestige” RFID blocking wallets, I have determined that they offer exactly the subtle sophistication and functionality that one would seek when choosing a wallet.

Fidelo Wallets, A Review

The Features

In my takeaway from the overall features of the Hybrid and Prestige wallet, I want to first focus one of the aspects that sets it well apart from others in the industry:

RFID Blocking

The RFID blocking technology of both Fidelo wallets provide to you a newfound safety measure that you may not have thought to incorporate before into your everyday wallet. And what do I mean by “Safety”? Criminals are now scanning cards and information held within your wallet to attain your credit lines and other personal information.

The Hybrid and Prestige Wallets feature RFID blocking abilities up to 13.56 MHz frequencies, and the technology of these wallets quite literally makes it impossible to gain your information through this method, which makes me feel quite comfortable placing my cards within such while walking around in public.

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The Hybrid design offers the ability to hold up to 7 total cards, five of which are placed in the interior of the wallet, the other two in the optional and also nice-looking leather case. The “Prestige” goes a little bit further and CAN hold up to 12 cards, but it seems as though it functions best with somewhere between 6-8, so the card holding abilities are fairly equal for both minimalist wallets.

Each wallet features cash and accessory bands that come with them, making the “hybrid” an optional 3-piece design by including the wallet, case, and bands.

Card Access

To access the cards, I really like the unique options that both wallets provide. The Hybrid box wallet contains a carbon fiber push trigger to eject the cards. It’s simple, easy, and functional. With the Prestige wallet, you simply press firm on the plates to fan out and choose your cards. Both are a rather neat and secure way of accessing the cards within.

How big are they?

The Hybrid

Height Length Width
4.3″ 2.6″ (2.9″ w/ leather case) .32″

The Prestige

Height Length Width
3.4″ 2.25″ .45″

These small dimensions give the sleek wallet its minimalist feel that allows one to tuck it cooly inside their pocket with little intrusion, while maintaining plenty of room for both cards and cash.

What colors do they have?

The Fidelo Hybrid Box wallet is made from a premium aviation grade aluminum. Within this aluminum hosts the RFID blocking material. The removable case is crafted with a “full grain crazy horse leather”, and it is important to note that although the case can hold two cards, it is not RFID blocking.

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The genuine leather case looks and feels good in your hand, coming in four color options:

  1. Dark Black Leather
  2. Light Black Leather
  3. Worn Leather
  4. Brown Leather

It provides a stylish, luxurious appearance that works very well with the modern aluminum wallet and carbon fiber accent tip.

The Fidelo Prestige minimalist men’s wallet is crafted from a 3k carbon fiber material. I highly enjoy the way that this wallet looks and feels in my hand and my pocket. It is light, modern, and it looks like a wallet that is meant for the everyday styles of any type of men’s fashion. Although the wallet itself only comes in one color, the attachable bands that secure your cash are available in the following colors:

  1. Black
  2. Grey
  3. Light Grey
  4. Blue

How durable are they?

It is fairly easy to tell with use and with simply feeling the wallet in one’s hand that both the Fidelo Hybrid Box wallet and the Prestige wallet offer an aspect as equally alluring as their style and function.


Fidelo Hybrid Wallet

The Hybrid wallets aluminum feels strong and sturdy, which also makes it fit for the longevity of everyday use. I mean, after all, it is made of aviation-grade aluminum! When topped with the leather wallet case, it seems as though it should have a nearly infinite life span. So far, my wallet still looks absolutely stunning, and I don’t feel as if that will change any time soon.  Get it HERE.


Fidelo Prestige Wallet

The Prestige wallet is of course carbon fiber, so it is without question that durability is one of the most highlighted aspects of this wallet. And yes, I said carbon fiber, which means a material that is not only 5x stronger than steel, but also scratch, dent, and chip resistant. I would be extremely surprised if the durability of this wallet ever came into question.

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But on the chance that something does falter, Fidelo offers a wonderful 1-year warranty, so fear not about the question of quality arising in regard to these wallets.  Get it HERE.

Are Fidelo wallets worth it?

I genuinely think that Fidelo has come up with two products that pinpoint the epitome of what it means to have a wallet fit for everyday carry. They are sleek, slim, and light, fitting with ease into any shirt or trouser pocket while reducing overall bulk immensely. They provide a high degree of fraud protection that I very much appreciate, and I feel safe and secure when I walk down busy city streets that my cards and information is safe.

I believe that, especially considering the highly affordable price points, both minimalist wallets are a total go-to that have eliminated the need for absolutely any other brand/type of wallet in the future.