What to Wear With Olive Green Pants (Great Choices For Men)

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Despite the complementing earthy tone and chic color of olive green pants, they can be challenging to style. That’s why they often end up in the banished corner of any closet.

But we’re about to give you outfit ideas for many types of weather and occasions. So if you want to know what to wear with olive green pants, grab yours from the closet, and jump in!

Article: What to wear with Olive Green Pants Image shows seated man in olive green pants and white polo

What to Wear With Olive Green Pants

Summer and Spring

In the hotter months, bright colors take the reins, and earthy colors like olive green hold back, which is a shame, considering their elegance and charm.

But we’re about to throw olive green back in the game with our outfit ideas. If you want to be a fashion trendsetter in summer, check out the following ideas.


Neutral colors like beige, black, tan, and gray go with olive green pants nicely. So for a light, summery look, you can wear a plain t-shirt of any of the previous colors with your pants. Pair the outfit with a pair of white sneakers or slip-ons, and you’re good to go.

As an alternative to t-shirts, you can pair the pants with a plaid shirt and white sneakers. Either wear the plaid shirt closed or open it over a white t-shirt.

Olive green pants also go well with henley shirts. And on chilly nights, you can add a denim jacket to the mix.

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But the key to a fashionable outfit here is flattering colors. So choose earthy tones and avoid bright hues like orange and yellow.

Smart Casual

Button-down shirts are a key component in smart casual outfits, and they go nicely with olive green pants.

So for a business meeting or friendly event, you can pair your pants with a white button-down shirt, brown belt, and brown leather loafers. Or you can wear a light blue shirt with black loafers and a belt.

Another excellent choice for olive green pants is a polo shirt. Polo shirts are smart casual in a stylish, unique way. You can pair your pants with a tan, white, or black polo shirt and white sneakers.


Olive green suits are criminally underrated, and you can do them justice by sporting them at a friend’s wedding or formal event. If you already own the pants, buy a matching blazer.

Man in Olive Green Pants and Matching Jacket

Green suits go best with navy, brown, and gray shirts. As for the shoes, you can go with a pair of classic brown shoes. If you want to wear a tie, opt for darker colors like black and dark green.

Winter and Autumn

Olive green pants give you a dark, earthy look that goes well with cold weather. They’re easier to style in winter than summer, and we have a few voguish outfit ideas for you.


For a fashionable walk in the rain, you can pair your olive green pants with a tan crew neck sweater, a black raincoat, and a pair of black sneakers or boots. You can also wear a maroon or gray sweater if you prefer.

But if you’re opting for more warmth and a trendy look, you can wear a brown puffer jacket, cream sweater, and white sneakers. The neutral colors will complement each other and give you a relaxed, stylish look with minimum effort.

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Other clothing articles that look modish with olive green pants are flannel jackets. You can go with one that has a light background and green lines. Then, complete the outfit with a white t-shirt and olive sneakers.

Finally, pair your pants with a black or white hoodie for an effortless look.

Smart Casual

Want to polish up your olive pants for an upcoming event? Pair them with a button-down shirt and a neutral-colored sweater.

Although plain sweaters make for a calm, elegant look, you can go with stripes or patterns for a unique look. Add a brown leather jacket or trench coat to the mix if the weather is extra chilly.

Another idea you can try is pairing your pants with a turtleneck sweater and a coat. As for smart casual shoes, you can wear Chelsea boots or Oxford shoes.


Want to catch peoples’ eyes at a wedding? Pair your olive green pants with a beige blazer, light blue shirt, brown leather shoes, and a navy scarf knotted in Parisian style.

For a matching suit look, wear a beige shirt and brown sweater under the green blazer. Then, finish the outfit with a pair of brown shoes. You can also go for a black turtleneck sweater under the suit for a serious and sophisticated look.

Tips for Styling Olive Green Pants

Are you aiming for a flawless and eye-catching look? Here are a few tips to help you achieve that with ease.

Choose the Right Type of Pants

Fashion is all about the details. You can’t wear any olive green pants for any occasion you have. Each event calls for a specific type. Here are the common types of olive green pants:

  • Chinos
  • Cargo
  • Sweatpants
  • Jeans
  • Dress pants

Chinos are cotton trousers that should be your go-to choice for smart casual wear, while dress pants are commonly made from wool and best left for a formal event like a wedding ceremony. 

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For casual looks, you can opt for cargo or jeans. The former has many pockets and makes for an adventurous look, while jeans go with nearly every other clothing article. Finally, sweatpants are the right choice for a sporty day.

Man in Olive Green Cargo Pants

Use a Color Wheel

If you find it challenging to find complementary and analogous colors for your outfits, use a color wheel.

As a rule of thumb, complementary colors on a color wheel are directly opposite to each other. When worn together, they create a charming contrast and a bold look that can be easily considered a fashion statement.

Color Wheel
The Color Wheel

Colors that are complementary to olive green are different shades of red and purple.

On the other hand, you can find analogous colors next to or near each other on the wheel. Together, they make for a relaxed and easy-on-the-eye look. Analogous colors for olive green are different shades of green and neutral colors like brown and tan.

Choose the Right Size

The size of your pants can make or break the outfit. For instance, if they’re too short, they’ll bring elegance to a minimum and make your shoes look odd. And if they’re too wide, they’ll make your ankles look thinner and your entire look less neat.

Generally, olive green pants look best when slim-fitted. As for their length, they shouldn’t cover your shoes or show your ankles. Ideally, they should end right at the top of the shoes.

To Wrap Up

Do you want to spice up your closet for the upcoming season? Get a pair of olive green pants. They’re suitable for every weather, occasion, and dress code. Not to mention, they make for stylish and unique outfits that’d turn heads. All you have to do is choose the right colors, size, and type, and you’re good to go down the runway!