What to Wear With Light Blue Jeans (7 Great Style Ideas For Men)

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Light blue jeans are a must-have item for men and women. Not only are they easy to style, but they’re also extremely versatile. Whether you want to wear them for work, date night, or a night out with your friends, light blue jeans will always serve you well.

Still, even if they’re easy -and might I add comfortable- to wear, you can make light blue jeans look odd if you don’t know how to style them.

To put it simply, certain colors and garments can throw off your look, and others can pull it together. So, if you’re interested in finding out what to wear with light blue jeans, keep on reading!

What Should You Wear With Light Blue Jeans?

Article: What to wear with light blue jeans Image shows a group of young people all wearing jeans against a light wall

Before we go through what tops and shoes go best with light blue jeans, you should first know the palette you should stick to. 

Long story short, light goes with light. We’re not saying that black and other dark hues look bad on light blue jeans. They just don’t look the best. 

Instead of black, you should pair your jeans with a neutral color palette. Think white, cream, tan, gray, olive, and pastel colors. These colors will make your outfit look cohesive and put together. 

Also, bypass bright and neon colors like red, green, and magenta. They’ll clash with the jeans and make your outfit look shoddy. 

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Now that you know which colors to sport with light blue jeans, let’s see which items you should pair them with. 

Tops and Jackets

Light blue jeans are made for a “casual” look. Sure, you can try to dress them up a bit with a blazer for a semi-formal look, but they won’t look quite right. 

So, when it comes to picking which tops to wear, keep it casual. Sweatshirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, casual shirts, and sweaters are your best bet. Set aside the blazers and formal shirts for dark-wash jeans and chinos. 

As for jackets, trucker, chore, and leather jackets will pull together the look splendidly. And if you’ll be wearing your jeans in the winter and need something a bit warmer, light-colored puffer jackets and wool coats will be your go-to options. 

Finally, if you want to wear a denim jacket for a denim-on-denim look, look for one with the same shade as your jeans, or one in a very different shade/texture. If its similar but not quite right it’ll look weird…. 


Similar to tops and jackets, the casual look will apply to your shoes. 

Sneakers, canvas shoes, boat shoes, loafers, and slip-ons are the way to go.

man with light blue jeans and not new green espadrilles

If you want to dress up a bit, chukka and ankle boots will be a suitable option, though try to stay away from black and dark brown. 

You can also try brogues and derby shoes, but they’ll only look good with a smart-casual ensemble. So, if you’ll be wearing a plain white t-shirt, you should leave the derbies and brogues for another day. 

Light Blue Jeans Outfit Ideas for Men

Here are seven styling ideas using your light blue jeans. 

1. Plain White T-Shirt and Sneakers

Matching your jeans with a white t-shirt and white sneakers is just a “chef’s kiss.” Whether you’re going to grab a bite, buy some groceries, or watch a movie, this combination will be perfect. And once you pop on your watch and sunglasses, you’ll have yourself the best laid-back outfit ever.

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You can also wear black sneakers with the outfit, but when you do, try to wear a white t-shirt with a hint of black to tie the look together. 

2. Black Leather Jacket and Combat Boots 

Remember how we said you should stay away from black with light blue jeans? Well, to every rule, there’s an exception. 

man in black leather jacket white t shirt - carefree pose

A black leather jacket thrown over a gray or white t-shirt with black combat boots is a classic – but you have to really own this look, its not for everyone.

You can switch out the boots and put on some hi-tops if you want a more casual look. 

3. Cream Sweater and Brown Suede Shoes

For a softer look that’s excellent for a daytime date, throw on an ivory sweater over your light blue jeans. Once you add the brown suede shoes and a nice watch, you’ll look like a perfect gentleman. 

Oh, and if you’re going somewhere that’s too messy for a cream sweater, say a park or to eat some tacos, then switch out the cream sweater for a camel or gray one. They’ll also go with the jeans and suede shoes, and you’ll spare yourself an evening trying to get the stains out. 

4. Patterned Pastel Shirt and Chunky Sneakers

If you’re looking for an easy-going outfit that’s great for lazing around or hanging out with your buddies, then find yourself a pastel shirt with a nice, calm pattern. Any color will work, so choose what you like most. 

Then, throw on a pair of baggy light blue jeans, lace up some chunky white sneakers, and you’ll be ready to hang with the boys. You can wear the shirt buttoned-up, or you can leave it open with a white t-shirt under it. Either way, you’ll look incredible and be comfortable.

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5. Tan Coat and White Shirt 

Want to look all chic yet not overdone?

If so, get yourself a tan wool coat, white shirt, and gray hoodie, then layer them up. You can wear boots or sneakers to complete the ensemble, though we’d ditch the hoodie if you’re going with boots so that you can have that timeless, elegant look. 

However, if you’re going with sneakers, then throw on a beige or gray baseball cap, and you’ll be rocking that casual-chic vibe. 

6. Varsity Jacket and Low-Top Sneakers 

For a youthful, sporty look, tuck a white t-shirt in your jeans, wear a black belt, and put on a blue (or green) varsity jacket. Then, to tie the outfit together, get yourself some white and blue sneakers. Finally, put on a chain and a blue baseball cap. 

7. Just Flannel 

Flannels and light blue jeans are a pair made in heaven, especially in the fall.

bearded man in checkered shirt

You can wear the shirt over a neutral sweater with some white sneakers for a cozy look. You could put on a beanie and brown boots, button up the shirt, and throw a puffer vest over it.

Even if you wear it as is, it’ll still look great. So, make sure you get yourself a flannel for your light-blue jeans, preferably in green, blue, or tan. 

In a Nutshell

Thankfully, light blue jeans are quite easy to style as long as you keep it casual. Leave the blazers alone and stick to casual shirts, jackets, and sweaters.

Also, keep in mind that a neutral color palette will serve you best. So, stay away from colors that are too bright and too dark, and you’ll be fine. 

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