The Best Long Wallets Guide For Guys [12 Of The Best!]

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In this guide we will answer all of your questions in regards to the best long wallets for men. We’ll take a closer look at what a long billfold is, what are some of the other names that they are called, and why would you even consider carrying a long wallet?

The Best Breast Pocket Wallets Online

We looked far and wide to come up with the 12 Best Long Wallets on the market. These are not “one size fits all” – there’s a range of price points and styles here, we think we’ve found something for everyone.

For those that want to jump straight in, the table below covers every wallet we will review. The full reviews are after the table, or you can just click on the links.

Image Description Where to buy
Ariat Men's Dark Distressed Trim Shield Rodeo Western Wallet, Brown, One Size Ariat Distressed Rodeo Vertical Wallet See on Amazon
WEBER'S PREMIER LEATHER Dynasty Series - Men’s Rodeo Wallet With Elk Concho Weber’s Vintage Long Wallet See on Amazon
Carhartt Men's Rodeo Wallet, Leather Triple-Stitched (Brown), One Size Carhartt Rodeo Bifold See on Amazon
Kattee Men's Vintage Genuine Leather Long Wallet for Checkbook, Credit Cards (Large, Brown) Kattee Vintage Long Wallet See on Amazon
Ariat Unisex-Adult's Patriot Digital Camo Rodeo Wallet, brown Ariat Patriot Long Rodeo Wallet See on Amazon
HOJ Co. DEER Long Wallet For Men | Full Grain Leather With Hand Burnished Finish | Bifold Wallet | Rodeo Wallet | Deer Wallet House of Jack Long Bifold See on Amazon
Fossil Men's Derrick Leather Executive Checkbook Wallet, Dark Brown, (Model: ML3683201) Fossil Executive Tall Wallet See on Amazon
Fossil Men's Derrick Leather Executive Checkbook Wallet, Dark Brown, (Model: ML3683201) Armani Exchange Yen Long Wallet See on Amazon
long wallet  JooJoobs Leather Long Wallet See on Etsy
Bosca Old Leather Collection - Coat Pocket Wallet Dark Brown Leather One Size Bosca Coat Pocket Wallet See on Amazon
Michael Kors Andy Tech Zip Around Saffiano Leather Wallet (pebble grey) Michael Kors Tech Zip Around Wallet See on Amazon
alligator-wallet  XCraftsman Alligator Long Wallet See on Etsy

What Exactly is a Long Wallet?

What exactly is a long wallet? In its simplest form, a long wallet is a vertical style wallet that allows cash to be carried flat without being folded. It’s really as simple as that. These billfolds were originally made popular by motorcyclists who wanted a longer style wallet with easy to access cash, but with a chain attached to keep the wallet secure. These chain style wallets are still popular today, but the long wallet has evolved and is now appreciated by other groups as well.

Nowadays these wallets (although still carried by bikers) can be seen being carried by business professionals in the business world. The reason for this is that they fit so cleanly in a breast pocket of a sport coat.  It really helps to eliminate the bulk when carrying. Cowboys or “western style” guys also carry long wallets, often emblazoned with various badges or other rivets…it gives them a westernized look. The point is this, whether you are a cowboy or a biker—or somewhere in between, a long wallet is a viable option for you. They come in materials such as leather, canvas, and even Kevlar—more on that later.

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What Are Other Names for Men’s Long Wallets?

There are a lot of different names for this type of wallet. Some of the more common ones are:

  • Long Wallet
  • Breast Pocket Wallet
  • Coat Wallet
  • Tall Wallet
  • Vertical Wallet
  • Checkbook Wallet*
  • Suit Wallet

*We disagree with this one. A checkbook wallet is specifically designed to carry a checkbook, while a long wallet is more of a preference as to the way you carry your bills…longways.

Why Carry One?

Accessing Cash is Easy: There are a ton of reasons that a long wallet makes sense. Because of the elongated shape of the wallet, the the user can carry cash longways without the need to be folded. This makes accessing the cash extremely easy, especially if you carry a lot of cash. When you are digging through fifties, twenties, tens and ones, having them all accessible makes life much easier.

Long Wallets = Modern Gentleman: Another reason that people like to carry long wallets, or simply because there is an elegant nature to them. When someone reaches into their breast pocket and pulls out a long wallet, there is an air of sophistication to that. As we jump down into the actual wallets themselves, you’ll notice that a lot of really high-end brands make long wallets. It’s definitely a fashion statement.

Long Wallets are Easy to Access: Because of the tall nature of the wallet itself, it is easily accessible from your back pocket. Some people might find this to be a bad thing, but for those who attach chains to their wallets, it makes accessing them much easier.

Long Wallets are Slim: Tall wallets are also much slimmer than their short wallet companions. The contents themselves are able to be spread out over a greater surface area which makes the wallet itself thinner.

Make Sure You’re Careful : As we mentioned above, the wallets will stick out of the top of your back pocket. This can be an invitation for pick pockets to grab and go…so definitely good reason to be careful.

They’re Not for the Minimalist : They’re also not exactly what we would call minimalist wallets. They aren’t really designed to be carried in a front shirt pocket or a front pants pocket. You’ll have to be comfortable carrying the wallet in your back pocket, or sport coat pocket, if you want to give one of these styles a go.

Best Value For Money

We’ve looked at the best long wallets for men across all different price points, styles, and functionality. We hope this comprehensive list will help you when you’re deciding on which long billfold wallet is right for you.

Kattee Vintage Long Wallet

Kattee Men's Vintage Genuine Leather Long Wallet for Checkbook, Credit Cards (Large, Brown) The Kattee Vintage is a budget-friendly long wallet that guys will love.  It’s made from imported “top grain” crazy horse leather.  Although not as durable as full-grain leather, top layer leather wears extremely well and will develop a nice patina over time.  Inside, there is room for plenty with one [1] clear ID pocket, four [4] bill pockets and eleven [11] card openings.


Ariat Patriot Long Rodeo Wallet

Ariat Unisex-Adult's Patriot Digital Camo Rodeo Wallet, brown This is definitely a wallet made for a true American patriot. Super tough leather and canvas make up the exterior facing of the wallet. The canvas really makes this wallet stand out. It comes in a Digital Camo that corresponds with the color of the leather – black, brown, or green. The top of the wallet is also set with an American flag emblem that stands out nicely against the leather. The interior of this wallet really sets itself apart as well. The wallet features an incredible 17 card slots, two cash pockets, as well as a clear plastic ID window.


House of Jack Long Bifold

HOJ Co. DEER Long Wallet For Men | Full Grain Leather With Hand Burnished Finish | Bifold Wallet | Rodeo Wallet | Deer Wallet This wallet by house of Jack really rounds out the first set of wallets on our list perfectly. It also comes in a vintage distressed leather across three different colors – black, brown and tan. The wallet features nine card slots on the inside as well as the ID window for your drivers license. Across from the card slots, the main cash slide compartment is great for carrying your bills without folding. Underneath the card slots there are for additional storage pockets for receipts, etc.



Fossil Executive Tall Wallet

Fossil mens Derrick Executive wallets, Derrick Dark Brown, One Size US This long wallet from Fossil is a step up from the ones above. The leather itself is supple and soft, definitely quality. It comes in two colors, brown or black. You really have to hold this wallet to appreciate the quality of leather—definitely a winner. We really like the interior of this wallet because it keeps things simple. It comes with seven card slots, a zipper pocket, one long bill pocket and one ID window.


Armani Exchange Long Wallet

Fossil Men's Derrick Leather Executive Checkbook Wallet, Dark Brown, (Model: ML3683201)

A long wallet list would be incomplete without this one from Armani. The Armani exchange brand simply exudes quality and style. This particular wallet comes in one color, dark brown. It’s comprised of 100% leather which is the pebbled style. This is another wallet you really have to hold to appreciate how great the leather feels. It is set up to age extremely well. On the inside this wallet has a ton of places to put your cards. There are 14 total card slots, as well as to stash pockets for your bills and a zippered pouch for change and other loose items. Overall this is a fantastic wallet that anyone would appreciate.

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JooJoobs Leather Long Wallet

long wallet


This beautiful wallet by JooJoobs out of Chiang Mai, Thailand comes in a fabulous distressed leather. Measuring 3.25 by 6.75 inches, it comes with two long pockets for bills and six card pockets (although technically you can double up in each pocket for a total of 12 card slots). All their products are hand-made, and custom ordered so you should expect a couple of days to put together and personalize your order before it gets shipped. Personalization for this wallet includes your initials in any size, font, and location, making this an excellent gift option.



Bosca Coat Pocket Wallet

Bosca Old Leather Collection - Coat Pocket Wallet Dark Brown Leather One Size A nice men’s blazer needs a nice men’s wallet. Bosca has you covered here. There wallet is vertically crafted to fit perfectly into your breast pocket inside your jacket. It has enough features to fit everything you’ll need, but you won’t even feel it inside your coat. Leather wise, Bosca takes this to a whole new level.

The vegetable tanned wallet is made from their signature old leather (“according to a centuries-old Tuscan technique”. A rich patina and classic look are both things you can expect. The wallet is unique first and foremost because of its currency well at the top feature. Simply put, you can access your bills from the top of the wallet without having to open it up so. Other features include five card slots as well as for stash pockets. The overall dimensions of the wallet are roughly 6.5″ x 3.75″.


Michael Kors Tech Zip Around Wallet

Michael Kors Andy Tech Zip Around Saffiano Leather Wallet (pebble grey) The zip-around wallet is a little different style than what we’ve seen so far. A zipper encloses the wallet to keep all of your contents secure. Inside, the wallet features eight card slots and a clear ID window. There is also a bill compartment to allow cash vertically. RFID blocking technology protects the entire wallet. The overall dimensions of the wallet are roughly 8″ x 4″. Some people might even find the wallet large enough to keep their phone inside…definitely worth a shot.


XCraftsman Alligator Bifold Long Wallet

alligator long wallet

The last wallet on our list is from XCraftsman, out of Hanoi, Vietnam. All the items from this Etsy store are handcrafted and unique, we’d encourage browsing the site to see the other products they make. This long wallet is the priciest on out list, but the price reflects the time that goes into each unique wallet. The exterior is a gorgeous dyed alligator leather – which certainly doesn’t look like any other wallet in our selection!

The soft goat leather interior has four pockets for bills, six card slots, and three extra pockets. Why have a wallet that looks like everyone else’s, when you can have a statement piece like this one?



Thats a wrap

And thats the list … for now! Hopefully you found something you liked. We will of course, be updating as we come across new tall wallets to add to the collection.

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