How to Wear a Messenger Bag [The Right Way!]

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A messenger bag is a timeless accessory that goes with multiple styles. Due to their practical size and understated look, they’ve been a go-to choice for professionals, students, and fashion enthusiasts over the past several decades.

However, finding the bag that perfectly captures your sense of personal style can be challenging with many different models available. Luckily, messenger bags are easy to style, and there are several ways you can make the most out of your trusty bag.

This article will discuss how to wear a messenger bag to ensure it meets your needs and makes a powerful fashion statement.

How to Wear a Messenger Bag

Choose the Right Bag

Picking a messenger bag that aligns with your fashion preferences will take the hassle out of styling it.

Decide on the Formality Level

The bag’s most popular designs are the standard casual option and the more polished briefcase-like model. Both have a striking appearance, but the standard option is more suitable for casual outings when you want to pack a few more items. More formal models that give off the sleek feel of a briefcase are perfect for business settings where you want a bag that matches your professionalism.

Consider Leather, Canvas, or Nylon

Most models are made from canvas or leather. Depending on their material, messenger bags complement different aesthetics.

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Leather models tend to be pricier because they’re more durable and provide an air of elegance. They’re also more formal and are often seen on young professionals and people committed to growing their business. For a blend of style and formality, faux leather options are available. They’re usually less expensive but are just as comfortable to carry as other traditional models.

On the other hand, canvas bags don’t have a steep price tag and are typically produced in multiple colors and prints. This variety is excellent for choosing a simple and practical bag whose image gives it a dash of class and individuality.

If you’re unsure about committing to leather or canvas, consider investing in a nylon bag. Its exterior has a slightly textured finish that gives the messenger bag’s functionality a high-end edge.

Dress For Your Body Size

When wearing any bag, it’s essential that you know which designs show your stature in the best possible light.

A medium-sized messenger bag will store many items without overpowering people with a more petite body frame. Instead of looking too large to carry, the bag will flatter your stature and bring attention to your most striking attributes. Most messenger bags contain several internal compartments, so even a small or medium model is capable of handling bulky items.

Go for a Casual Look

Messenger bags are a staple for people who prefer an unassuming yet put-together style and pair well with jeans and button-up shirts. Additionally, you can alternate between wearing them on your shoulder, crossbody, or holding them by the handles using one hand.

Great for Different Casual Dress Codes

Whether meeting friends for drinks or going to the gym, rely on this bag to meet your needs. It will match the casual style of your jeans or summer dress and fit right in with the sportier T-shirt and sweatpants combination.

How to Wear a Messenger Bag

You can carry them in any kind of weather, so a cardigan or sweater will also look chic under the strap of your messenger bag.

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Their multipurpose nature makes the bags ideal for traveling. Packing a messenger bag in your suitcase when going on vacation means that you’ll always have a bag that matches your travel attire.

Avoid putting too many items in the messenger bag while on vacation. If you’re going to spend a lot of time sightseeing, you don’t want a heavy bag to weigh you down. Too heavy a bag can be bad for your back too.

Wear It Crossbody-Style

Put the strap on one shoulder for a laidback look and let the bag fall to your side. This method works for easygoing people who carry only a few personal items like their keys, phone, and wallet.

Also, if you plan on carrying books, packages, and even grocery items in the bag, it’s best to opt for the crossbody method. The strap will sit on one shoulder and extend to the opposite side of your body. This makes for optimal weight distribution, so you won’t worry about overpacking your messenger bag.

Additionally, you can move the bag to the front or back of your body to find the most comfortable position.

If you spend a lot of time cycling to school or work, move the bag behind your back. This placement will ensure that all your items are secure, and you won’t have to stop every so often to readjust the bag.

Carry It by Hand

Carry the messenger bag by its top handles to get a classier appearance. Some models are designed to offer single-hand carrying and help your outfit seem more thought-out. When using the handles to carry the bag, remove the strap to leave a strong impression and keep it from getting dirty. These bags are typically made from leather or faux leather and are stylish accessories for suits and smart dresses.

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Dress Up Your Bag

Other important aspects to consider are the style and exterior of the bag. These factors can seriously impact how you look and feel.

Neutral or Bold Colors

If you’re the type of person that likes to commit to a single bag, consider getting a messenger bag in a neutral color like black, grey, or beige. Then, even when you switch up your style game, the bag will keep up with your fashion sense and accentuate the uniqueness of each outfit.

Young man standing outside his modern apartment with coffee and messenger bag

However, a bold-colored bag makes a statement as an accessory. Take a simple monochrome outfit to the next level by carrying a playful, bright messenger bag.

Look for Few Outside Pockets

As messenger bags have ample storage space inside, wearing a model with few exterior pockets will make the bag seem more sophisticated. It also gives you more surface area to decorate with pins, leaving onlookers to wonder whether the bag is custom-made.

Never Go Out of Style with a Messenger Bag

Whether you have a more formal or casual personal style, a messenger bag is a reliable piece that provides both trendiness and storage space (while being easy to keep clean too). How you decide to style it depends on personal preference. The options are virtually limitless, as the bags are made from different materials and come in various designs.

If you’re looking for a casual option, you can wear it over your shoulder and experiment with bright colors and patterns. On the other hand, a neutral-colored messenger bag carried by the top handles is a perfect choice for a more serious appearance.

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