Our EPIC Flipside 4 Wallet Review

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The Flipside wallet design is exceptional, and as I would say to my friends, it’s main feature is security!  Its simple design makes it a unique wallet to consider carrying. The design is not just about how secure the material is, but the wallet is just plain cool too.  It’s not your typical leather wallet and will definitely stand out among the crowd.

It looks cool. It’s super functional.  It’s a cut above a lot of the wallets I’ve used in the past.  One of the most amazing things about Flipside wallet is its hard case security design, we’ll dive into that a bit more later.

Let’s jump into our Flipside wallet review.

The Features

The wallet itself is made from a combination of aluminum and a high-end polycarbonate. The interior is made out of Aluminum alloy (which strengthens the aluminum).  This is the same aluminum that is used to construct planes.

RFID Blocking

The wallet is encased with an RFID blocking card. Unlike other wallets that added this feature to a specific part of their wallet, it’s scan-proof to protect against RFID skimming of cards (such as debit, credit, driver license, and other RFID cards) which offered more protection and security.

“Flip” Open

A button makes the wallet flip open automatically with just a push, which is where the name “FLIP” is coined from. It automatically locks itself shut on close, another level security that comes with the wallet.

Card Capacity

Another exciting feature of Flipside 4 wallet is the card slot; it can take up to 8 cards, and directly opposite the card slot is a tray that can be moved back and forth, which can also be used to hold cards.

The Cash Clip

There is a cash clip used to hold cash and can also be used to hold cards depending on the user’s interest and preference. A significant feature of the Flipside 4 wallet is the multipurpose clip with a rubber strap attachment. This is specifically designed to hold additional cards, banknotes, business cards, or cash.

Size & Dimensions

The Flipside 4 wallet weighs 85 grams, which is okay and a simple weight for a fashionable and highly secured item of its kind. However, with a dimension of 4.3×2.8×0.8, many Flipside 4 wallet users believe that it’s too bulky.

Will you rather have your financial information exposed to card scanning theft than to have it in an averagely bulky and secured wallet like Flipside 4 wallet? Personally. I feel okay with the dimension, but the call is yours. I am giving it a 4/5.

What Colors Does the Flipside Wallet Come In?

Poly-carbonate ≠ Cheap Plastic

It is made from high-end poly-carbonate, which forms the exterior of the Flipside 4 wallet look extremely beautiful, and it’s impossible to believe that such a design can still be encased with modern high-end security tech as 3 RFID-blocking card slot, which protects against scanning theft. Here, I am grading it a full five star.

The interior design is aircraft-grade aluminum, which is crush resistance and offers more protection from high-pressure damage. The interior divides into different compartments with a fantastic layout of both poly-carbonate and aluminum alloy.

Lastly, there is a rubber strap on a clip found on the exterior of the Flipside 4 wallet that can be used to hold extra cards, cash, banknote, or serve other purposes.

How Durable is the Flipside Wallet?

The high-end poly-carbonate and crush-resistance aluminum (aircraft-grade) make the Flipside 4 wallet a durable piece; it is also backed up with a two years warranty. If the button, hinges, or locking mechanism fails to function within these two years, it will either be repaired or replaced at a no-cost by the company.

I see their warranty terms as a reasonable assurance and guaranty from the company and, of course, a good deal for me. I give it 4 out of 5.

Is the Flipside Wallet Worth It?

This beautiful fashion item was designed to keep your financial and valuable item safe as well as ensuring full comfortability when carrying it around. Imagine having all your cards (credits and debits) on you everywhere you go without the fear of having your information scanned by thieves, what a relief, right?

Flipside 4 wallet come in handy with a card space that can hold more than five cards and a cardholder that prevents your cards from falling.

A cash clip that can hold up to 10 US bills makes it easier to go around with a certain amount of money for emergency needs. Meanwhile, currencies like the Japanese Yen and Euro will have to be folded twice before they can fit in. There is a clip with a rubber strap attached at the exterior that is designed to hold additional cards, business cards, banknotes, or cash for easy access.

Conclusively, its usefulness comes in handy to individuals who don’t want to appear bulky””another 4/5.  Get it HERE.

What are some alternatives to the Flipside Wallet?

There are always alternatives for you to consider, but personally, the flipside 4 wallets have overdone themselves excellently well when it comes to functionality and security.

Here are some alternatives you can find, but let check out their quality, features, and functions.

Many of these problems have changed people’s perspectives about what a wallet should look like and discouraged many from investing in these daily needs either as a fashion item or as a secured means of protecting our belongings. Trust me; there are still a few brands that produce top quality wallets that will give you a wow factor.

If you are not going for the flipside 4 wallets, then these other alternatives can be considered because their designs are relatively superb and premium quality.

Duramont Wallet

The Duramont wallet shares a similar design with the Flipside 4 wallet. It’s a metal wallet made from Aluminum alloy and polycarbonate, which provides durability and sturdiness, just like Flipside 4 wallet. It also features futuristic high-tech RFID blocking devices that protect your cards from thieves.

On its interior, its boast of two compartments, one side can hold up to 10 cards. In contrast, the other chamber can take up to 12 cash bills, which makes it bulky compared to other regular wallets. A size/dimensions of 4.7×3.5×1.1 and weight of 127.4 grams make it bigger than most wallets, but that can be overlooked with its super functions.  Get it HERE.

Read our full Duramont Wallet Review.                                                                              

Zhoma Wallet

This wallet is made from high-quality genuine leather with a fabric lining that makes it fashionable and attractive. It comes with RFID protection, which blocks RFID readers from scanning your cards (debit, credit, driver’s license, and other RFID enabled cards). There is an ID window on the outside for easy access to your ID when required.

The wallet is enclosed with a zip. One of the fantastic features about this Zhoma wallet is the interior; it has an accordion design (11 accordion folds in total) and can comfortably hold 9-18 credit cards and some amounts of cash. It’s perfect for both men and women.

It weighs less when compared to the metal wallet, but with dimensions of 4.5x3x1, it’s bulkier than metal wallet like Flipside 4 wallet.

Some reviews have complained about failed RFID protection against theft, which compromises this wallet’s security, but aside that, it’s one the best.  Get it HERE.

Huanglang Organizer Wallet

The Huanlang men multi-card organizer wallet is made of genuine leather, making it look attractive and with a zip enclosure that makes it easy to access the wallet. The interior has an accordion design with 17 card slots, one ID window, one large cash slot, two receipt compartments. It is also designed to block RFID signals, thereby offers more protection and privacy.

As expected of a wallet with such a large capacity, it is bigger than many of the high tech wallet with 4.72×3.93×1.18 dimensions.  It comes in two colors, which is not so cool. Some reviews have complained about the zip quality; the company will need to improve on that.  Get it HERE.

Final Verdict on the Flipside Wallet

Flipside 4 is a modern-day wallet equipped with the latest technology, and it offers the security level a standard wallet will provide. I will recommend this wallet to anyone who fancies and see wallets beyond a piece of a fashion item but as a safe and secure holder to keep their valuable items from slipping into the wrong hands.

This wallet will make a perfect gift for your loved ones on their special days like Birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas, anniversary as well as other memorable occasions.

The wallet costs about $40. I would have preferred if the cost price was a bit lower, that makes it a fair deal considering the fantastic features and functions of this wallet such as 3 RFID blocking card slot which protect against RFID skimming of cards to protect against theft, a button that makes the wallet flip open when push, automatic lock mechanism.

Bottom line, the Flipside wallet is a fantastic product that I’d recommend to anyone.  Get it HERE.