Duramont Aluminum Wallet Review (Plus Alternatives)

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Have you finally decided to get yourself an aluminum wallet this season? Or, are you debating on whether or not a metal wallet is right for you? If these questions sound familiar to your situation, you have landed on the right page.

Aluminum Wallets have gained immense popularity in recent years. Why? Because they include several benefits that you normally don’t find in regular wallets. From sturdy build and durability to spacious compartments and RFID technology, aluminum wallets can be an excellent pick.

Today we’ll be discussing one such wallet — the Duramont Aluminum Wallet. It is not only one of the top aluminum wallets in the market but it’s also affordable. If you want to learn more about what this particular Aluminum Wallet has to offer, read on.  *Note, in case this wallet doesn’t grab your interest, you can also find some great additional picks and alternatives at the end of this review.


Overview of the Duramont Aluminum Wallet

The Duramont Wallet is one of a kind. (Check it out HERE) Whether you are a fan of futuristic designs or want something functional and durable, this metal wallet would be a great choice.

In fact, it is one of the most durable EDC wallets out there. It is entirely made of aluminum and polycarbonate, which provides amazing durability and sturdiness. The wallet has a rugged body, which makes it essentially crash-proof.

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In terms of wallets, it’s relatively high tech and can be easily opened with a one-touch button. With this one-touch button, opening and closing this wallet becomes hassle-free.

Duramont Wallet Features

Additionally, among all its excellent aspects, what we love most about this EDC wallet is the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) protection feature. The RFID blocking technology protects your wallet from thieves.

On its interior, it boasts two compartments. One side can conveniently hold up to ten cards, while the other is meant for twelve cash bills. The card compartment area includes a flexible band to secure all your cards properly. Also, the side meant for your money bills comes with a money clip to hold all your bills in place.

With all these amazing features, the cherry on top is the wallet’s affordable price. The wallet is quite reasonably priced and will last you for years to come. Thus, it is a total value for money.

However, since all good things come with a price, the futuristic design may be a setback for some…i.e., you may just not like the way it looks.  While most people love the futuristic design on this wallet, some may not prefer it. It is quite bulky as compared to other regular leather wallets. Also, it may take extra space in your pocket.

Despite the small design setback, it’s a popular choice among many customers.


  • Aluminum Built Sturdiness
  • Futuristic Design
  • One touch button to access the wallet
  • RFID blocking technology
  • Two Internal Compartments
  • Card Compartment holds up to 10 cards
  • Bill compartment can fit 12 bills
  • Compartments include stretchy band and money clip
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Size/ Dimensions:

The size of this EDC wallet is still fairly compact, but it is bulkier than the regular wallets.

Length Width Depth Weight
4.7” 3.5” 1.1” 4.5 oz

Material and Color:

The overall body of the wallet is made from aluminum and polycarbonate. It has a stylish silver colored front and back body with a black lining on its opening.  We’ve seen a blue color as well, but it appears they are no longer making that color.


Since it’s made of high-quality aluminum alloy, you can expect it to last for years to come. The entire body of the wallet is highly durable and rugged. However, the one-touch button mechanism, just like any other additional parts, may malfunction eventually.

Overall Usefulness:

Another thing to mention, the wallet is not only stylish but super functional. It has two spacious internal compartments in which you can conveniently store your bills and cards. It can fit up to 12 bills and ten cards, so you never have to worry about running out of space.

The body of this wallet is rugged and sturdy. Thus, it won’t crack easily. Also, the RFID protection technology keeps your wallet safe from even the most advanced thieves.


  • The wallet is highly durable.
  • Ease of use.
  • It is crush-proof.
  • The wallet has a spacious interior.
  • It features a futuristic design.
  • It features RFID protection technology.


  • It is fairly bulky as compared to other “slim” wallets.

What other customers have to say?

“It is quite big but is well made. I replaced my old wallet with the Duramont Aluminum wallet, and I must say, it can definitely store a lot more than other similar products. It is bulky, durable, and sturdy, yet lightweight. I am truly impressed with the wallet.”

Alternatives to the Duramont Aluminum Wallet

Columbia Men’s Metal Hard Case


If you want something less bulky, you can go for the Columbia Men’s Metal Hard Case. It has a push-lock closure and is available in different colors. It features two internal compartments to store your cards and notes separately. It can store up to 7 cards conveniently.

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Check it out HERE

Flipside 4 Wallets

Flipside Wallet is an alternative to the Duramont

Another great alternative to the Duramont Wallet is this aluminum and polycarbonate wallet from Flipside. It has a snap closure and features RFID protection technology. It has a capacity of up to eight cards and ten cash bills. It also includes a money clip and rubber strap to secure your items in place.  *We also like the fact that Flipside comes in a bunch of different colors.

Check it out HERE


Tru Virty Case

The Tru Virty Case comes in four colors and includes six pockets in its interiors. It can store up to 10 cards or bills. The case also features RFID protection and has a minimalist design.

Check it out HERE

In Summary

We hope this article has helped you in your decision making process. The little metal wallet is nothing looks nothing like your regular wallets, yet it stores as much as a regular wallet, if not more.

Check it out HERE