Breadband Wallet Review [3 REASONS TO BUY]

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The Breadband Wallet

The Breadband Wallet is a special “ultra-light” wallet. It’s designed to make carrying your wallet enjoyable. If you want to simplify your carry, then this wallet is your best option.

  1. It’s simple.
  2. It’s durable.
  3. It’s SUPER functional.

A Quick Look at Breadband

The packaging is clean and simple. As expected, it’s a band. It’s nothing special, but when you think of Breadband, simple is what comes to mind.  It definitely fits that overall branding.

After checking out the wallet firsthand, it’s safe to say that it shares a similar design or concept with TGT, Ebax, Keyso, Kindz, Modern Carry, and Thread Wallets.  Our favorite two Breadband alternatives are at the end of this article.

Let’s dig in a bit deeper to check out all of the features.

Features of the Breadband Wallet

Dave Franco co-founded Breadband out of California. Talking about the wallet features, I would say there isn’t much on this. It is an elasticated band that fits around the body of the wallet. One of the confirmed properties of this elastic wallet is durability.

It’s “lack” of features is actually what I liked about it.  It’s simple, easy to use and it actually holds all the cards you need it to.

How big is the Breadband wallet?

This wallet is the perfect option to reduce bulk and “slim down your carry”.

The design itself is simple and composed of two parts:

  1. the elastic band
  2. the plastic credit card-sized back piece which ensures maximum support for the wallet
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The elastic is quality.  We’ve seen a lot of manufacturers use much lower quality elastic and they don’t last.

The size and strength of the elastic ensure that cards and cash are always secure. One of my favorite features is its simplicity. It will fit easily in any pocket on your person – front, back, shirt, etc…

The slim design itself is a form of security. To put it quite plainly, you don’t really have room to carry around every card you own or your social security card (you shouldn’t do that anyway).

Although they will fit, I wouldn’t recommend stacking 15+ cards in it as this would add bulk to the wallet. Eventually, it would compromise the “slim factor” if you carry that many cards.

The card range is best suited for the Breadband is 6 to 10 cards (8 is optimal).

The Breadband wallet measures 2×2 in. and weighs 0.8 ounces. It is impressively light and simple.

What are the Breadband wallet colors?

The Breadband wallet comes in only three colors; blue, black, and watercolor.

The watercolor wallet is currently available on their website. The blue and black colors are available on Amazon and their website.

Personally, I feel like this could be an area where they really shine.  The wallet is so simple that there’s not another area to really stand out among the competition.  Colorful bands would be one way to do that.  We’ve seen some other competitors (such as Thread Wallets) who have done that really well.

Is the Breadband wallet durable?


The elastic material used in the production of the wallet did not limit its durability. In fact, it’ one of the more durable elastics I’ve ever seen.

I do want to be clear here…elastic isn’t leather.  Leather will last a lifetime, but that’s not really what they’re after here.

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How expensive is the Breadband wallet?

The Breadband wallet sells for $25, and I will be giving it a 2 out of 5. It is a perfect example of a minimalist wallet, and there isn’t much of a feature associated with it.


As I said earlier, it is the perfect example of a minimalist wallet, but the price is a no for me.

Easy access: The design makes it easy to use, and it allows you even to flare cards. If the number of cards in the wallet is up to 15, you can easily pull one out and put it back after use.

Firmness: The quality elastic material ensures that your cards and cash are kept firmly and secured.

Comfort & Style: The Breadband wallet is designed to ensure maximum comfortability when handling and keeping. The slim tight design is remarkable, and with a three-color option to choose from, you can always match your fashion trend with either a blue, black, watercolor Breadband wallet.

The Breadband elastic wallet gives you maximum simplicity anytime and any day.

Conclusively, its usefulness comes in handy to individuals who don’t want to appear bulky””another 4/5.  Get it HERE.

Breadband Alternatives

There are several alternatives for you to consider should you decide to go for a similar brand and design.

The other similar brands, too, are the minimalist type of wallet. Here are some alternatives you can find, but let check out their quality, features, and functions.

If you need a minimalist type of wallet and are not going for the Breadband wallet, then these other alternatives can be considered because their designs are relatively top-notch and of high quality.


Thread Wallet

The thread wallet shares a similar design to the Breadband wallet. They are all minimalist dream types.

It is made with durable, tight-knit elastic and a built-in keyring that allows you to attach your wallet to your keys, backpacks, lanyards, etc.

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The thread wallet is 2,2 by breath and three by height. It has a unique size that allows the wallet to sit flat in your front or back pockets.  Get it HERE.

Designs & Prints

The Thread wallets are a unique and colorful wallet with original cardholders. It comes with several colors that range from bright colors to bold patterns

It cost less than the Breadband wallet; the Thread Wallet goes for around $16 on Amazon. Whatever you decide here, it’s a good buy.  Get it HERE.


Elastic Card Wallet

The elastic card wallet is a perfect minimalist card band wallet, and it can hold 1-15 cards securely. This elastic card wallet is made from 1.5 Mil-Spec Elastic.

It has a cool design that allows you to move the elastic to the bottom of the cards, thus, granting you easy access to cards. The elastic card wallet design will enable you to spread the cards apart and see the middle cards; therefore, you can put a card in and take it out quickly. The bills need to be folded to hold them tightly and securely under the band.

Bottom line, it’s a cool wallet, but it’s a cheaper alternative overall.  Get it HERE.


The Breadband is a modern, minimalist wallet for anyone looking to slim their carry.

From a quality and durability standpoint, it’s definitely there.  It’s not an heirloom piece, but it will for sure last you until you’re ready for your next wallet.

I recommend this wallet to anyone who wants to go simple and reduce their carry bulk (and carry something unique). The wallet is also an excellent choice for a gift; they’ll love it.

I hope this review helps you when deciding on the Breadband wallet!